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Help Asyncer - Get Help

Do you like Asyncer?

Would you like to help Asyncer, other users, and the author?

Or would you like to get help with Asyncer?

There are very simple ways to help (several involve just one or two clicks).

And there are several ways to get help too.

Try It

The main thing you can do is try Asyncer out and see if this library API design is helpful for you.

Knowing if it's useful or if you find any obvious problem with its design would be helpful.

Subscribe to the FastAPI and Friends newsletter

You can subscribe to the (infrequent) FastAPI and friends to stay updated about:

  • News about FastAPI and friends, including Asyncer πŸš€
  • Guides πŸ“
  • Features ✨
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  • Tips and tricks βœ…

Star Asyncer in GitHub

You can "star" Asyncer in GitHub (clicking the star button at the top right): ⭐️

By adding a star, other users will be able to find it more easily and see that it has been already useful for others.

Watch the GitHub repository for releases

You can "watch" Asyncer in GitHub (clicking the "watch" button at the top right): πŸ‘€

There you can select "Releases only".

By doing it, you will receive notifications (in your email) whenever there's a new release (a new version) of Asyncer with bug fixes and new features.

Connect with the author

You can connect with me (SebastiΓ‘n RamΓ­rez / tiangolo), the author.

You can:

  • Follow me on GitHub.
    • See other Open Source projects I have created that could help you.
    • Follow me to see when I create a new Open Source project.
  • Follow me on Twitter.
    • Tell me how you use Asyncer (I love to hear that).
    • Hear when I make announcements or release new tools.
  • Connect with me on Linkedin.
    • Hear when I make announcements or release new tools (although I use Twitter more often πŸ€·β€β™‚).
  • Read what I write (or follow me) on or Medium.
    • Read other ideas, articles, and read about tools I have created.
    • Follow me to read when I publish something new.

Tweet about Asyncer

Tweet about Asyncer and let me and others know why you like it. πŸŽ‰

I love to hear about how Asyncer is being used, what you have liked in it, in which project/company are you using it, etc.

Help others with issues in GitHub

You can see existing issues and try and help others, most of the times they are questions that you might already know the answer for. πŸ€“

Watch the GitHub repository

You can "watch" Asyncer in GitHub (clicking the "watch" button at the top right): πŸ‘€

If you select "Watching" instead of "Releases only" you will receive notifications when someone creates a new issue.

Then you can try and help them solve those issues.

Create issues

You can create a new issue in the GitHub repository, for example to:

  • Ask a question or ask about a problem.
  • Suggest a new feature.

Note: if you create an issue, then I'm going to ask you to also help others. πŸ˜‰

Create a Pull Request

You can contribute to the source code with Pull Requests, for example:

  • To fix a typo you found on the documentation.
  • To propose new documentation sections.
  • To fix an existing issue/bug.
  • To add a new feature.

You can also financially support the author (me) through GitHub sponsors.

There you could buy me a coffee β˜•οΈ to say thanks. πŸ˜„

Help the tools that power Asyncer

As you have seen in the documentation, Asyncer stands on the shoulders of giants, AnyIO, which, in turn, is compatible with and uses asyncio or Trio.

You can check out those project and see how to help them:

Thanks! πŸš€